The Orielles On Tour

The Orielles are smashing it right now! They’ve just released ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow‘ the first track off their debut album ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ due in Feb 2018, and they’re about to embark on a new tour. We wanted to share some snaps from when we gave the disposable camera over the summer.


Ez and Henry in Totnes doing some grocery shopping before our Sea Change festival show


Green Man Festival, sinking Lidl’s finest 66p tallboys!


Ez and Henry outside our accommodation in Totnes, an old University halls, pretty spoooky


Our mate/ resident photographer Neelam holding up her final pair of clean socks at Truck Festival


The view from our tent at Port Eliot festival. This image captures an all too rare appearance of sun from over the weekend!


Outside Eve recording studios, our second home over this summer as we’ve been recording our first LP there.


Siddy B at Truck festival!


Henry and Sid wearing the Eve studio lab coats at night during a break from recording.


Sid with her guacamole and bevvy during an impromptu BBQ we decided to have on the first day of recording the album!


Henry inside our bedroom at Eve Studios checking out the inspirational album sleeves on the wall (including so many ACR records!)


Awful quality but legendary picture of Girl Ray joined on stage by Henry and Big Jeff in Bristol at the Art is Hard show!