SEA READ at Metropolitan Wharf // Spilling Out

Callum Read is a busy man. With a life mostly on the road, tour-managing acts like Hinds and The Parrots, it’s a wonder he has time for much else. Since the start of 2015, however, the singer-songwriter has been crafting new music under the moniker SEA READ, with 2 brand new songs out on Bandcamp. Falling in Love at the End of the World includes the tender Don’t Wake Your Baby and lead track Spilling Out:

“It was written on tour surrounded by other people 24/7, so it was difficult to do discreetly, which felt like a challenge. Its about having a secret and wondering if it’s worth telling. Pricing up the consequences and trying to guess what will happen; either if it stays, if it’s said, or if someone figures it out themselves.”

Video by Will Hewitt, Jennifer Morris & Chris Weeks

Recorded in a live session in collaboration with Melt Video at Metropolitan Wharf, a Grade II listed building in London.

Listen to FILATEOTW on Bandcamp