Oscar and Girli at Oporto

I first heard Oscar when I happened to catch him at this year’s Glastonbury festival and he put on an awesome performance. Catching a second performance at Oporto in Leeds on Thursday night did not disappoint and given the chance I’d definitely go and see him again.

Oscar’s hook filled indie sound is almost impossible to resist and you find your body swaying to those catchy melodies before you even realise it. (Or in my case throwing your body round like a kid who’s had one too many E numbers.) Some of the audience seemed a little more hesitant to let loose and go with the flow but this was easily remedied by Oscar making his way to the centre of the crowd during one of his songs and busting out a few bold dance moves of his own. This really hyped the atmosphere and got everyone throwing a few of their own twisted shapes to the infectious tunes. Further energy was injected when Milly Toomey aka Girli joined him on stage for ‘Breaking My Phone’ before she returned to the crowd and enjoyed the rest of the show from amongst the audience.

The end of the night saw the culmination of all that hyped up energy as the crowd rushed the stage and danced along with the band to Oscar’s closing song ‘Sometimes’.


Words: Niall Doherty

Photos: Nina Farooqi