Indiehive meet The Acid

We met up with Steve and Adam from The Acid at their Manchester show to talk about being anonymous, recording and the rumours they heard about themselves.


On keeping their anonymity when they released their EP

Adam: We’ve all got our histories in music, in very different fields. We wanted it to be heard for what it was, when people know who’s behind something, or what it’s supposed to be their ears are coloured with that expectation and so we just wanted to breathe it’s own life.

The rumours surrounding them.

Steve: When we started we were from Santiago, Chile and hen we moved to Norway, Mozambique, Iceland, I don’t think we were ever from Manchester.

What they each bring to The Acid

Adam: Steve’s really quick, if you’ve got an idea he facilitates it. I probably bring my heritage of musical knowledge and experience as an electronic music artist and dj which is my background. I’d say Ry brings his incredible voice and song writing sensibilities.

Steve: Adam also brings a big picture of vision into it that he’s really good at, he’s excellent at envisioning something and manifesting it. All three of us do that very well but he’s made a life of travelling around the world with that vision and skill.

Recording their album ‘Liminal’

Adam: It was really quick to write the record compared to anything I’ve done in the past and I think for pretty much all of us. Most of the tracks were written in a day each. The EP which was what we did initially – Fame, Basic Instinct, Animal and Tumbling Lights – was done in the first four days we actually met.

The live show

Adam: A lot of live shows now are running off a backing track and people are playing over it and we really didn’t want to do that. Obviously as we do more shows it really evolves and we’ve put together this whole interactive visual element to it which is a key component to the show.

Steve: Because the record’s so minimal we really made a conscious effort to pull things out, to leave it as stark and open as possible. That helps in terms of translating it into an actual live performance.