Living Body at The Lock Tavern

It’s quite likely that if one is a member of a band in Leeds, one is a member of many bands in Leeds. Living Body is collaborative effort from Jeff T. Smith (Juffage), Katie Harkin (Sky Larkin) and Tom Evans (Vessels), along with touring members Alice Rowan (Mayshe-Mayshe) and Sarah Statham (Esper Scout), whose collective live presence is a perfect mirror for the crescive, crashing sonics interweaving their upcoming debut.

Having begun a summer of sporadic touring with an inaugural set at July’s Tramlines festival, the band descended upon Camden’s Lock Tavern with their most accomplished show yet. At once direct and meandering, from the ostensibly simple I Recollect to the salient relevance of post-Brexitcore Empress cover Don’t Give Up On Me, Living Body expertly deconstruct pop songs into an impeccable fracas not to be missed.

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Debut album “Body is Working” is released December 2nd on Barely Regal (UK/EU) and Kingfisher Bluez (US/Canada)