Indiehive meet PINS

We had a chat with PINS at Belgrave Music Hall about recording their second album, why mixtapes are better than playlists and music videos. They also answer a question from Childhood.

Recording the second album

Sophie: It was good to just go an immerse yourself in it for a week especially somewhere in the desert which is very different to being in Manchester. It was nice to get out of the hometown and record somewhere else.

Lois: We still sound like Pins but maybe a bit more musical and less like *does air drumming motion*

Why they’ve released music on cassette

Faith: I think music sounds really nice on cassette tape. I’ve always had a cassette player, it sounds nice than a cd.

Anna: After a cd it’s come back around to tape. It’s nice to have the physical music as well as on the computer.

Faith: If it was Valentines Day and someone gave you an actual cassette tape you’d be like ‘aww’ but if they were like ‘oh I’ve made you this playlist on spotify’…

Lois: I’ve emailed you a playlist.

Music videos and creative collaborations

Faith: We work collaboratively with a director but so far it’s been friends or people that we’ve known so we’ve worked really close with them so we’ve got the idea that we wanted. The last one we did was for a cover called ‘Come Back’ and that’s the first time we’ve really handed over all the creative control, to Amy Watson. She did a really good job.

Future plans

Faith: We’re doing a show with The Fall, that’s the last one for this year. Then next year we’ve got three shows in February, which are small ones in Manchester, Brighton and London and then we’re gonna do a big tour in May when our record comes out.

Check out the video for the question from Childhood.