Indiehive meet Childhood

We met up with Ben and Leo from Childhood in a dark corner of the Deaf Institute in Manchester to chat to them about working with producer Dan Carey, recording and other things.


 Making the album

Ben: How long did it take to make? It took 4 years. We kind of started in 2010, we started writing songs then, we were only really and band by about 2012 and started releasing music. It was kind of like 2 years of intensive work and 4 years of loose work.

Working with Dan Carey

Ben: He’s a very funny man. A very talented guy, it was a pleasure.

Camaraderie with other bands, does it help with success?

Ben: I think that whole thing’s a side note which people use as a glamourising way of talking about stuff. When it comes down to it, people like what they like, they don’t like you because you’re friends.

Live shows

Leo: With Interpol people were there exclusively to see them, but it was good, great reactions.

Bean: It was like they appreciate you in a different way. Some of our songs suit that crowd some of them don’t. With our crowd you’re always gonna get different reactions to each song, it’s not consistent through the show. It’s always varied in opinions and reactions.

What’s next for Childhood? 

Ben: Writing the next album, doing that because its’s fun.