Beacons Metro: The Parrots

The gig room at the newly opened Headrow House is a low ceilinged room with a small stage that fills one end of the wall. On Sunday night when garage-punk trio The Parrots took to the stage and started thrashing out their first track there was no escaping the wall of sound.

Diego, the guitarist and frontman snapped a string as he tore through their first song but managed to continue on with the gig as Henry, from local band The Orielles, replaced the string. After the first song they encouraged the audience to move in closer and crowd the front of the stage and that’s when the party really kicked off.

The Parrots bring the noise. Their fast paced rock sound reflects the fun, energetic presence they bring to the stage. They are instantly like-able and when their music hits you there is nothing to do but let yourself go and really rock the fuck out.


Photos: Nina Farooqi