Beacons Festival: Cate Le Bon

We had a chat and enjoyed a good old cup of Yorkshire Tea with Cate Le Bon at Beacons Festival.

It’s great to see you at Beacons Festival, are you enjoying your cup of tea?

Cate: Yeah, cheers!

Did you grow up in a musical family, was it always in your life?

Cate: Both my parents were really into music and on the weekend it would be television off, Dads records on, fortunately he great taste in music, and he’d make cracking mix tapes for family holidays. It was lovely but it was never pushed on me and my sisters in a competitive way, it was always something to be enjoyed.

When I met you earlier in the year you mentioned going on tour with White Fence, are you looking forward to that?

Cate: Tim Presley who is White Fence, he’s one of my favorite musicians. One of the members of the live band had left and I asked if there was anything I could do to help him and he said yeah. I’m very excited about getting to just let rip with one of my favorite bands.

Have you got anything else coming up?

Cate: I’ve just produced H. Hawkline’s new album which was loads of fun and I’m trying to write a new record really.